The Band



Rebecca Famularo –

This is Rebecca’s first band, and she is ever so grateful to play with these talented dudes she lovingly deemed her “old men”.  Along with wisdom and talent brought to the stage by the Grey Notes, comes three musicians who really just want to play. Considering that is all she wants to do, the fit is perfect!

Both her brothers have been on the Milwaukee music scene in Lambs of Abortion and the Brandon James Band.

Rebecca has a deep, unassuming soul you can hear when she’s quietly singing or belting one out. She enjoys writing and playing and is proud of both the originals and covers in each set.


Tyler Famularo –

Tyler began playing guitar at age 11, by the time he was 14 he had his first real guitar and amp.  It was a 1965 Telecaster and 65 Deluxe Reverb.  His oldest brother who was in the Air Force at the time, sent the money home for it. Thanks Tom.  But,  he really got serious when he was practicing with a drummer. The drummer’s father came home from work and said “Pack up the gear”.  He took them us to his favorite bar, they played about two hours and made about $40 in tips. He was hooked!  His first band was the Tykes which morphed into The Larry Lynne Group, The Balloons, Sky Harbor, The Bandits and Brandon James Band.

Brandon who is his son had recorded some of the songs Tyler had written. RCA Nashville heard them, became interested and flew them both down to Nashville.

The Brandon James Band continued for about 7-8 years and got away from country and more into southern and classic rock. Brandon got tired of the politics in music and stopped. What a shame, he was awesome. But four years ago on Father’s Day, Becky asked Tyler with tears in her eyes if he would play music with her, and he said “I’ve been waiting for you to ask.” Tyler told Becky they could ask Mike Juley to join them. Mike was the last bass player in The Brandon James Band and was always prepared; just a great guy and she was all for it.

With the recent addition of a terrific drummer, Jeff Franks, Rebecca and the Grey Notes are ready to play their brand of Americana, some remakes of 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s music, some current female singers and originals songs from a 200 song catalogue.

You can also see Tyler play guitar with the Brennan Totten Band, Smooth Blues and The Andy Gelles Trio.




Michael Juley – Bassist

After taking piano lessons in grade school Michael switched to clarinet in high school, then didn’t pick up another musical instrument until 1982, when he taught himself to play bass guitar and joined the Milwaukee ’50s-’60s group Granite. Granite disbanded in 1992, and in 1993 Michael joined Hot Type, a band make up mostly of musicians from the newsroom of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Hot Type, a pop and blues band, recorded a CD of original music that was released in 2000. Although the full Hot Type band disbanded in 2003, it still performed once a year at Tosafest through 2011, and Michael remains a member of an acoustic blues Cool Type trio. In 2002, Michael joined the Kenny Todd Blues Band, which played the Milwaukee-Waukesha County blues bar circuit. He was the house bass player for the first year of the startup of the Mamie’s Tuesday night blues jam. The Kenny Todd Blues Band disbanded in 2008, and after a short rest, Michael joined the Milwaukee-based Brandon James Band, which played many of the area’s music festivals and Summerfest. The Brandon James Band’s last gig was in April 2011. In late 2011, Michael joined Rebecca and Tyler Famularo to form Rebecca and the Grey Notes. He lives in Greendale with his wife, Nancy. His day gig was working in the newsroom of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. And, yes, he does own a Hofner bass. After all, he is left-handed.



Jeff Franks – Drummer

Drummer Jeff Franks played his first paid gig in 1978 and the rest is hapnin’ history. In college, he toured the United States with the renown 25-piece brass band, Dimensions in Brass, led by his father, legendary trumpet player and music educator, Jerry Franks. The former Nashvillian has toured and subbed with bands that cover a gamut of styles, including show, rock, blues, country, jazz, and swing. He earned his reputation as “Circus Jeff” after many years of road time playing with the Tarzan Zerbini Circus, the Garden Brothers’ Circus, Farfan Productions Presents “The Dream Clown,” Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus, and others, all under the direction of band leader and jazz trumpeter Mark Van Cleave. Jeff also has affiliations with several notable artists, including country/gospel singer Bonnie Nelson, bluesman Michael Holloway, the Shaky Ray Blues Band, Pryor Express, Allen James International, the Mary Winter Band, Barbara Smith and the Sound Trak Band, the Yarbrough-Noftsger Quintet, Mark Panneir and the BBs, Brian McCullough, Troy Stetina, The Brennon Totten Band, and Elmbrook Church. He has toured extensively in the United States, Canada, Japan, and Bermuda. Jeff is currently digging the drum slot in Rebecca and the Grey Notes and is looking forward to more blessing in the creation of music.

9 thoughts on “The Band”

  1. In my spare time I’ve been converting my old vinyl albums to MP3. Right now I’m doing an album called “Down Deep” by Tyler Famularo. Having decided to Google the name I came across your website. Is you Tyler Famularo the same as he who did “Down Deep”? If so, please pass on the message that I have enjoyed that album over the many years, and wish your newest band great success.

    Bob Melhorn, MSgt, USAF/ILANG (retired)

    1. It sure is! I am Rebecca, and that is my father! And he surely appreciates that. In addition to Tyler, another member, the original bass player in Down Deep, will be at our Potawatomi show! If you are in the area, come on down and see us play at 10, on 10/11/2014! The Fire Pit Side Bar.

  2. I’ve seen Rebecca perform many times since the band was first established. I attended Rebecca’s performance at Potawatomi in October 2014 and was very impressed by how much Rebecca has grown as a singer! Beautiful voice! I highly recommend others to attend her shows.

  3. Rebecca, I was so enthralled by your beautiful voice. Being a female vocalist in various bands for over 20 years it has been a privilege to hear such a fresh unique sound! I am looking forward to introducing your voice to my family and friends. Best of luck !!

  4. I was there for the start of both of Mike Juley’s careers. Both have been outstanding. The fact that he’s cute helps in the second one. Best left handed white bass player in Milwaukee.

    1. Thanks, Dave. I owe it all to you. You gave me my start in the rock ‘n’ roll business by allowing me to play in your ’50s and ’60s band Granite. I will be forever grateful. And just to correct, I am the best left-handed white bass player in Greendale.

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