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  1. Hello Rebecca, Hope Life with your band is good.Please forgive the liberty, but I wondered if I might ask you to ask your Father Tyler to clarify something for me. I am a vinyl singles collector from Manchester England & have in my archive a Demo Single titled Back on the Street Again By The Larry Lynne Band released on Mammoth in 1970.
    I believe Tyler was in the band at that time along with the aforementioned Larry along with Valentine Dwyer & a fourth member
    called Mike ?. I further believe the band morphed from The Tykes!!! Could you very kindly ask Tyler to confirm if I am correct please? & if he can advise who the Mike was even better. Can I thank you
    for the consideration of my request & reiterate my hope that all is well with your good self.

    Best Regards


    1. That all sounds right! I will ask him to be certain I am giving you the right information. It is unbelievable to me the people from around the globe that have contacted us to ask about him. I am honored to get to be in a band with him. Thanks!

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