On the radio

Five songs off our second album, “Volume 2,” will be featured, one each day, March 22-26 on WGTD-FM. The music will be part of the station’s “Noon Tunes” program as the final segment of the WGTD Midday News and will air around 12:20 p.m. daily. The songs to be played, in no particular order, include: “Come See the World,” “Lovin’ You Every Single Minute (of the Day)”, “Picture of You,” “It Doesn’t Matter” and “Softly Fade Away.” You can tune in over the air to listen to WGTD–if you live in the Kenosha or Racine area, the station is at 91.1 on the FM dial; if you are near Lake Geneva, it’s at 103.3 FM; and if you are in the Elkhorn area, you can find the station at 101.7 FM. You also may listen live online at: www.wgtd.org. Coincidentally, we will be performing in Lake Geneva this Saturday, from 5-9 p.m., at Studio Winery + Geneva Lake Distilling and will be offering a preview of these songs. It’s always pretty cool to hear your songs on the radio. Over the last few years our original music has been featured on four other radio stations. Thanks to WGTD for playing our songs!

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