Next up: Tosa Tonight

RGN-Summerfest-20170702-0266.jpgPlease join us on Wednesday, June 13, as we help open the Tosa Tonight concert series with a performance at the Rotary Performance Pavilion at Hart Park, at N. 68th and W. State streets in Wauwatosa. We will be playing a one-hour set beginning at 6 p.m. that will feature seven of our original songs along with covers of music by Led Zeppelin, the Byrds, Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame inductee Nina Simone and the Allman Brothers. We’ll be opening for The Differentials, a Wauwatosa band that will be playing music from the songbooks of the Eagles, Jackson Browne, the Traveling Wilburys and more. Tyler will be accompanying the band on lead guitar, and Rebecca will be joining The Diffs to sing songs by Linda Ronstadt. It should be a great evening of superb music by two local bands on a beautiful night.

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