Studio time begins

Rebecca and the Grey Notes heads into the studio today (Feb. 6) to begin recording the first half of what the band hopes will be a full-length album of original music. How we do in the studio this weekend will determine whether we can continue to finish the album. So we are well-rehearsed and ready to rock. We are extremely fortunate to be able to do our recording at Third Ward Records, whose mission is to support independent and emerging artists and the creative community. The studio has recorded the albums of many local and national bands, including most recently Eric Benet. Third Ward Records also sponsored the film “Take Me To The River” at the Milwaukee Film Festival this past year. “Take Me To The River,” produced by Milwaukee-area resident Jerry Harrison (Talking Heads), provides insight to the Memphis and Stax Records sounds and influence over the music world. We are excited about this recording opportunity and will keep you informed about our progress. Thanks again for following us.

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