Thanks, Studio Winery

We had a big crowd and a great time Aug. 27 at the Studio Winery + Geneva Lake Distillery in Lake Geneva. The next day we played at a private party in northern Illinois celebrating an engagement. We have two more private parties coming up–one Sept. 10 and the other Oct. 1. Yes, we do perform at private engagements. Our fee depends on how many people will be there, how far away it is from our home base and other factors. If you’re interested in playing host to a private party and want a live band, contact us. Meanwhile, our next scheduled public appearance isn’t until mid-November, so until then we will be in rehearsals learning new material.


One thought on “Thanks, Studio Winery”

  1. Speaking of new material, how about “Over You” from the movie “Tender Mercies?” Would love to see you perform at an Enderis Park Neighborhood Association concert.

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